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Knights v Oxfordshire Health & Racquets

Knights Won 5-0

KnightsvOxfordshire H&R
Craig Stephens 3-2
6-11 7-11 16-14 12-10 11-9
Ross Gore
Mick Gouweloos 3-0
11-7 13-11 11-4
Nelson Fung
Nell Vd Merwe 3-1
11-9 11-9 7-11 11-8
John Geekie
Esjee Robinson 3-0
13-11 11-4 11-8
Dave Phillips
Francois Cloete 3-1
9-11 11-7 11-5 11-8
Alex Portz

This was a great fixture, we were treated extremely well by our hosts. We went out in Oxford to a student club which, although we are all students, still came as a shock to us, the British know how to party!

Posted by : Craig Stephens at 11:23:AM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Knights v The Jesters at RAC

Knights Lost 1-4

Craig Stephens 0-3
8-10 7-9 5-9
Tim Garner
Nell Vd Merwe 1-3
3-9 9-0 8-9 5-9
Steve Richardson
Mick Gouweloos 3-2
6-9 9-3 9-6 7-9 9-6
Aquib Kadar
Esjee Robinson 0-3
4-9 7-9 8-10
Jon Tredgett
Francois Cloete 1-3
9-4 4-9 7-9 4-9
Jim Bristow

Fantastic club and a great experience.

Posted by : Craig Stephens at 10:42:AM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Knights v St George's Hill

Knights Lost 2-3

KnightsvSt George's Hill
Craig Stephens 0-3
5-11 4-11 4-11
Alex Ingham
Nell Vd Merwe 1-3
7-11 14-12 5-11 6-11
James Simpson
Francois Cloete 0-3
10-12 7-11 6-11
Mick Biggs
Mick Gouweloos 3-0
11-5 12-10 11-9
Charlie Lee
Esjee Robinson 3-0
11-3 12-10 12-10
Matthew Broadberry

Beautiful club.  All glass court was a new experience for some players.  Great hosts.  Great fixture.

Posted by : Craig Stephens at 10:36:AM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Knights v Coolhurst

Knights Lost 2-3

Craig Stephens 0-3 Jago Nardelli
Nell Vd Merwe 3-0 Tim Richards
Esjee Robinson 0-3 Nick Sutcliffe
Francois Cloete 1-3 Achim Newrella
Mick Gouweloos 3-0 Lester Buxton
Posted by : Craig Stephens at 10:29:AM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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Message from the President

As with most things in life, squash as a sport, and for some, as a living, is under constant change. Since the days of our first tour to Britain in 1960, court walls have become glass, spectators can actually see lobs off the back wall being executed, the shapes of racquet heads have been modified from circular to tear drops, tournaments are now being played almost exclusively under the "American" scoring system, any colour clothing is acceptable.


Posted by : Chris Richards at 10:27:AM on Monday 12 November 2012
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Team for the 26th Knights Tour in 2012/13

The 26th team has been announced and will be leaving for the UK at the end of November.


Posted by : Chris Richards at 10:27:AM on Sunday 9 September 2012
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2010/11 Tour Report

Download the report of the 25th Knights Tour in 2010/11

Posted by : Alan McGuigan at 11:16:AM on Thursday 17 February 2011
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The 2008/2009 Knights Tour

WOW!! What a tour! At this point in time it seems just like yesterday that we first got onto the plane to fly to the UK. The tour I must say was a fantastic success. The team consisting of five players


Posted by : Munro Montanus at 13:43:PM on Sunday 15 February 2009
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The Knights 2006/2007 Tour to the UK

Firstly, I would like to begin this report by thanking all those who were involved in making this tour possible. Secondly, I would like to apologize for the time it has taken me to write up the report back from the tour and to thank you for your patience which is much appreciated. It is a tour that is second to none and has a life lasting effect on the boys that get to go on the tour. Not only do the boys get to improve their squash and gain much experience


Posted by : David Caine at 8:27:AM on Thursday 30 August 2007
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14th Knights tour of the United Kingdom

The Fourteenth Knights Tour of the UK began on the 28th November 1988 and finished on 22 January 1989. Unfortunately Mike Farrer, originally selected as captain of the side, fell seriously ill and as a result was unable to make the tour. Fortunately his place in the team was very ably taken by Graeme Carrington at very short notice.


Posted by : Neil Wilson at 19:19:PM on Thursday 16 February 1989
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