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Knights v Carlisle

We awoke to a small comedy of errors but luckily was not too serious. Dan and Kyle thought they were getting up early at 10am for a breakfast only to be informed that breakfast had ended at 09h30. After going back to bed we all got a call from reception politely informing us that checkout was at 11h00, it was now 11h25. Again we'd strewn our partially dry washing from Durham on all surfaces and had to make tracks quickly before the hotel got too tired with us. We were on the road in little time with a short hour's trip north to Carlisle, which is just 6 miles south of the Scottish border. Driving on the narrow country roads requires full attention and really gets fun compared to the endless straights at the same speed on the motorways which makes it less of a task.


Posted by : Kyle Maree at 17:54:PM on Thursday 15 January 2015
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Knights v Carlisle

Knights Won 3-2

Craig Stephens 1-3
9-11 7-11 11-6 9-11
Paul Bell
Nell Vd Merwe 3-1
12-10 11-7 6-11 11-6
Mike Tinnig
Mick Gouweloos 3-0
11-4 11-4 11-8
Victoria Bell
Francois Cloete 1-3
5-11 12-10 10-12 13-15
Tony Hetherington
Esjee Robinson 3-2
9-11 11-7 11-9 8-11 11-5
Dave Box
Posted by : Craig Stephens at 8:29:AM on Monday 14 January 2013
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