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Knights vs Coolhurst

After what turned out to be a rather eventful evening in Roehampton, the Knights took plenty of time on Thursday to recover and get ready for what again turned out to be a gruelling fixture at Coolhurst, although we won 4-1, each match was closely contended and the guys managed to play the big points really well, hat-trick of wins!!!


Posted by : Kyle Maree at 10:54:AM on Saturday 6 December 2014
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Knights v Coolhurst

Knights Lost 2-3

Craig Stephens 0-3 Jago Nardelli
Nell Vd Merwe 3-0 Tim Richards
Esjee Robinson 0-3 Nick Sutcliffe
Francois Cloete 1-3 Achim Newrella
Mick Gouweloos 3-0 Lester Buxton
Posted by : Craig Stephens at 10:29:AM on Thursday 6 December 2012
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