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Knights v Edinburgh

From Glasgow we were off to Edinburgh next, just over an hours drive. Coming into the city, we immediately noticed how beautiful it was. The older buildings were works of art and the newer parts of town were clean and chic. The club is very close to the centre of town and is nestled next to a fast flowing river, with tennis courts surrounded by trees and shrubbery. It had a historic feel and as we explored the club we came across an original fixed-wall doubles court, which is much longer and wider than a singles court and the only one I'd ever seen!


Posted by : Kyle Maree at 10:22:AM on Friday 16 January 2015
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Knights v Edinburgh

Knights Won 4-1

Mick Gouweloos 2-3
10-12 11-9 9-11 10-12 4-11
Simon Boughton
Craig Stephens 3-0
11-7 14-12 11-3
Ross McNoul
Nell Vd Merwe 3-0
12-10 11-8 11-8
Jaques Isaac
Esjee Robinson 3-0
11-4 11-6 11-9
Andrew Wilkinson
Francois Cloete 3-0
11-9 11-6 11-6
Chris Brock
Posted by : Craig Stephens at 8:32:AM on Monday 14 January 2013
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