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Knights v Isle of Wight

Following our Cardiff fixture, we got ourselves on the road in a hurry, which was becoming the norm, back to the Richardson's in Basingstoke. We left Wales around 09:00, needing a quick turnaround at Joe's home to pack kit for the next leg of the tour to the Isle of Wight, Middleton, Guernsey and Jersey. Having not written down the exact address but having directions out of the Richardson's home to Cardiff on a sheet of paper, we thought we would be able to navigate our way straight back to the house by following the directions in reverse, the Knights being smart university students and all.


Posted by : Kyle Maree at 13:10:PM on Sunday 14 December 2014
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Knights v Isle of Wight

Knights Won 4-1

KnightsvIsle of Wight
Mick Gouweloos 0-3
4-11 4-11 4-11
Alex Phillips
Craig Stephens 3-1
4-11 13-11 11-2 11-4
Adam Dominey
Nell Vd Merwe 3-0
11-4 11-5 11-3
Chris Green
Francois Cloete 3-0
11-7 11-4 11-6
Jamie MacNaughton
Esjee Robinson 3-0
11-1 12-10 11-9
Ollie Clifton-Moore
Posted by : Craig Stephens at 8:39:AM on Thursday 20 December 2012
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