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Message from the President

As with most things in life, squash as a sport, and for some, as a living, is under constant change. Since the days of our first tour to Britain in 1960, court walls have become glass, spectators can actually see lobs off the back wall being executed, the shapes of racquet heads have been modified from circular to tear drops, tournaments are now being played almost exclusively under the "American" scoring system, any colour clothing is acceptable. The habit of tennis players bouncing the ball on the ground before serving, for what appears to be an excessive and unnecessary long time, has crept into our favourite game. What hasn't changed is that the sport is still played at a fast and furious pace, and remains an exciting challenge - requiring a mixture of court craft, intelligence, fitness and athleticism.

This will be the 26th Knights Tour, and another aspect which hasn't changed over the years is the amazing welcome and hospitality that the tour members continue to receive from squash lovers throughout the United Kingdom who host our young players every second year. Again, during December and January, there will be more than thirty matches and over 150 individual on-court contests. To all you wonderful people, thank you.

Two stalwarts of the Knights community deserve special mention. Joe Richardson has succeeded in putting together another superb itinerary and must be congratulated and thanked for his tireless efforts and ongoing support of the Club. Steve Doeg, as selector and local organizer, remains an essential cog is the Knights and we thank him for his immense contribution. And it would be remiss of me not thank all the sponsors who have assisted our young men to make the trip.

Lastly, to Craig and his team, well done on being selected. Enjoy every match and every moment. You will be happy when you win. Be graceful in defeat. Come back with stories of life time.

Bon voyage

Posted by : Chris Richards at 10:27:AM on Monday 12 November 2012
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