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Team for the 26th Knights Tour in 2012/13

The 26th team has been announced and will be leaving for the UK at the end of November.  See the itinerary.

The team is as follows:

Well done and thanks to Steve Doeg.

Some of the dynamics:

  1. We approached a number of other candidates, including possibilities based at the coastal cities.
  2. The Trust has been able to give just over R6 000 to each player
  3. For car hire purposes, we have to have at least one 25 year-old
  4. If we go for six players, it knocks up the cost - either two vehicles (needing an additional 25 year-old) or one big one.
  5. Tour cost remains an inhibiting factor

Knights matches and spreading the word

I am hopeful that with the help and involvement of Mike Tootill and Craig Ruane, that the third Pretoria versus Johannesburg match will take place this month.

The anticipated match against a school or university in KZN did not take place earlier this year. I do believe that we should be spreading the word of our success through inter-action with schools and universities, and any Knight who would like take up the cudgel in his area should just do so.

Posted by : Chris Richards at 10:27:AM on Sunday 9 September 2012
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