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Knights v Oxford & Cambridge Club / Escorts

After an eventful night that saw one of our team members spend half his savings for the tour, the boys had to pull out all the tricks to be ready for a tough clash at the wonderful Oxford and Cambridge Club in Pall Mall road. Many hours spent laughing and recalling what memories remained from the evening past seemed to be the best remedy.

We got to the club and found ourselves up against some real tough opposition. Charl was up first and really gave a master class on stroke play which lead to the downfall of the opposing captain Dominic Curtis. Next Kyle Maree went on court vs Rob Stanton and had to wear down his opponent with long rallies and some great fetching to come away with a 3-1 victory which had the Knights up 2-0 and only needing one victory to clinch the fixture. Next up was Dan Thomson who quickly found himself down 2 games to love and in a deep WOT (World Of Trouble). Dan fought like a warrior and again found himself in a fifth set. It seemed as though the 5 setter the night before got to him and he just didn't have the legs to close out what would have been a magical comeback. Next on was Garas who was up against Nick Sutcliffe. The game had a pair of bagels and Nick returned the favour in the 5th set which lead to his victory. This meant the fixture was 2 all with Shean on court in the decider. Mike was able to win a tough match in 3 sets against Mark Warren and bring our first team victory home.

We were treated to a great meal, plenty laughs and some interesting stories. Some of the guys found themselves a little out of their depth in some highly cultured conversations with Mozart and Bach being the topic of conversation.

Charl Fourie was a worthy winner of the Man of the Match.

Knights Won 3-2

Knightsv Escorts
Stefano Garas 2-3
4-9 9-6 9-0 5-9 0-9
 Nick Sutcliffe
Kyle Maree 3-1
10-9 9-5 6-9 9-7
 Rob Stanton
Michael Shean 3-0
11-7 11-9 11-6
 Mark Ryan
Daniel Thomson 2-3
3-9 3-9 9-4 10-8 6-9
 Alex Smith
Charl Fourie 3-0
9-6 9-4 9-2
 Dominic Curtis
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 14:50:PM on Thursday 4 December 2014
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