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The adventures of Duane and Schalla

After a relatively early night on Tuesday, the team awoke refreshed and ready for Wednesday's match against Roehampton.

We cooked up a hearty breakfast of bacon and scrambled egg, our go-to meal, before heading out to do some sight-seeing. We caught the bus to Westminster and walked down to the River Thames after we'd taken enough photographs of the sights of Big Ben, the London Eye and the buildings along the river. We visited Trafalgar Square and had our first Starbucks coffee on the way home.

Paul Lindsay had been talking a big game on Twitter about the Roehampton fixture and we were very eager to come out for it with all guns blazing. Roehampton is a very impressive club and has squash and tennis courts, a golf course, a gym and many other amazing facilities. Paul welcomed us to the courts and we got underway with Stef and Charl playing first at 3 and 5. Charl played fluidly and elegantly as always against Paul and went up 2-0 before closing out 3-1. Stef, on next door, battled to 1-1 and showed a great head under pressure in the 3rd when he came back from 8-10 down to take it 12-10. He finished in 4 and was clearly glad to have avoided a 3rd 5 setter! Daniel went on against Robert Findlay at number four and recorded his 1st win on tour in 3 games, relieved to say the least. Michael played number 2 against Paul Carnero and put on a stellar performance to win in 3 against a tough opponent who looked good on court. Last on was our number 1 for the night, Kyle, who faced a seasoned warrior in Steve Richardson. They played a fast paced game with long rallies. Kyle went down 2-0 before finding his short game in the 3rd and winning it. He was unlucky to lose the match in the 4th in a tight game that would have been down to the wire had it gone to 5.

After a delicious meal it was time for Paul's words to come true in the bar, as he took his revenge out on us by keeping the beers and shooters coming all night long. We found ourselves in a world of trouble yet again... Steve, Paul, Rob and Lindsay applied the pressure to which the Knights would not back down as records were broken and beers were to be downed not sipped. This led to all sorts of shenanigans, hence the title of this post. Dan and Mike put on their alter ego's of Springbok heavyweights Duane Vermuelen and the incredible Schalk Burger on their way out, clearly needing to  let some energy out at the club we visited that night, Tiger Tiger. Let's just say it was not safe on the streets with these two around. Robert was given the task of taking us out while were not at our best and did a fantastic job herding the boys in the right direction. Tiger Tiger was not dissimilar to its South African equivalent and we had a great night ending in a late one. You'll have to chat to one of us to squeeze out the juicy details, might need to buy us a drink first...

Knights Won 4-1

Kyle Maree 1-3
7-11 3-11 12-10 9-11
 Steve Richardson
Michael Shean 3-0
11-8 11-6 11-6
 Paul Carnero
Stefano Garas 3-1
11-8 9-11 12-10 11-6
 Ben Coates
Daniel Thomson 3-0
11-6 11-2 11-3
 Rob Findlay
Charl Fourie 3-1
11-3 11-5 11-13 11-5
 Paul Lindsay
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 15:51:PM on Thursday 4 December 2014
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