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Knights v Colets

Our next fixture of the tour was against Colets Health Club in Thames Ditton, Surrey. We left just before 6pm for the game at 7, taking the tube from Oxford Circus to Waterloo station. After arriving at Waterloo, we discovered that the overland train to Thames Ditton had left 5 minutes before we got there and the next one only left 25 minutes later which would make us late for the game. Mike was on the phone to his uncle trying to get us out of this WOT (World Of Trouble) but misheard the name of the train we were supposed to be on and we made a comedy of errors, jumping on a train to Shepperton only to find out it wouldn't get us anywhere near our destination. We switched trains at the next stop and were Kingston bound. Luckily, our unfortunate situation caught the attention of a motherly British woman, who took it upon herself to help us out. She called a taxi and rode along with us after we got off the train, getting out just before Colets Club. She was proudly English and told us all about the history of Hampton Court, the 2nd most visited tourist attraction in England, home of King Henry VIII, where we would be playing Real Tennis on Sunday. She even paid for our taxi, don't know what we would have done without her!

With that crisis avoided, we arrived at Colets with 1's and 5's on first on courts next to each other. David Peck had rung ahead informing us that they had put together a strong side and would be tough to beat. Colets had brought in a strong number one, Scott Handley, who'd been ranked as high as 36 in the world. Kyle played well but went down 3-0. Dan, on next door, did not play his best and went down 3-0 with the team down 2-0 at that stage. Mike went up 2-0, the opponent brought the match back to 2-2 before he powered through and took the match 3-2. Special mention must go to Stefano who got himself into a major battle with the match result staying alive only if he won his match. The slow playing courts had both players attacking the ball with good length's to the back wall being hard to come by. He broke a racquet in the 2nd and was down 2-0 when the match looked lost. He contested the 3rd but found himself down 10-8, match-ball down. His fighting spirit kicked in and he refused to lose, clawing the game back to 10-10 and taking the game 12-10! Although he'd damaged himself in the process, his opponent was also suffering and Stef started to get the better of him as the momentum shifted his way. He broke his strings in the 4th and now had no racquets left, using a team-mates to bring the games level at 2-2. He blitzed through the 5th and took the match in an incredible come-back, giving us a fighting chance for the win. Charl went on last with all the pressure in the world on him, he played well in the first and went 1-0 up. His opponent then found his feet and played a very attacking game, Charl unfortunately lost 3-1 and we lost overall.

Colets gave us a lovely supper along at the club house before we headed home. We're playing Wimbledon today and hope to get ourselves back to winning ways.

Knights Lost 2-3

Knightsv Colets
Kyle Maree 0-3
10-12 8-11 6-11
Scott Handley
Stefano Garas 3-2
11-13 6-11 14-12 11-7 11-7
Guy Olby
Michael Shean 3-2
11-7 11-5 3-11 10-12 11-4
Alex Couch
Charl Fourie 1-3
11-7 3-11 5-11 5-11
Alex Waddington
Daniel Thomson 0-3
7-11 9-11 9-11
Matt Costain
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 11:31:AM on Saturday 6 December 2014
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