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Knights v Guernsey

The beginning of the weekend saw us travelling back from Bognor Regis to Southampton for our flight to the channel island of Guernsey, just of the French coast of Normandy.

Our flight was scheduled for 16:35 in the afternoon, so we stopped off at a shopping centre on the way to Southampton to look around and eat. Not exactly a professional sporting diet, our eating habits have generally been determined by an optimal balance between cost and filling the stomach, with caffeine boosts from coffee being vital supplements to keep us going. Mike must be so hacked off being the only one in the team that doesn't drink it.. We are always converting costs into rands and the food prices do seem exorbitant to us. Our best value so far has been the '£3 meal deal' where you get a sandwich/pasta with a fruit snack and a drink for £3 at any Tesco. We then discovered the Boots 3 meal deal where you can get a more filling yoghurt as a snack and more expensive drink for £3.30,  but if you keep your slip you get 30p off the next meal. We also frequently find ourselves at McDonald's for their 'Daily Deal' wrap with different fillings depending on the day, for £2 each.

We found some good sales at the factory stores but are all waiting for the boxing day sales after the 25th.

We got to the airport in good time only to find that there had been a nationwide delay in flights as a result of an air traffic control crisis at the bigger airports. All northbound flights eventually got cancelled and after a 2 hour delay we were lucky to get in the air and to Guernsey.

After we landed we were just about to jump into a taxi before Martin Watts and Greg Forino spotted us and took us to the courts. The Beau Sejour Centre is a big sporting and events facility and houses the courts. We played on 2 courts starting at about 8pm due to our delayed flight. Dan and Charl went on first against Matt Roibilliard and Greg Forino. Dan won a tight 5 setter and Charl overcame his opponent in 3. Stef went on against fellow Saffa and Sacs old boy, Andy May, and cruised to a  clinical victory 3-0. Kyle played Martin and also won in 3 before Mike played a hard running youngster Janic, who plays a tough game but Mike managed to take it in 4 sets.

After the match we were quick to shower and leave as we were told that Andy May would be braaing for us at his home on the island. Andy clearly does not do half measures as when we got there we saw that he had 2 of the biggest fillets, specially made boerewors and other sausage, along with potato's cooked on the coals. The lager on tap did not hurt either to make us feel at home and enjoy a delicious meal. We each had more than 2 fillets and safe to say could not have anymore before we headed out to a local club to experience some of the islands nightlife.

Dan and Stef were hosted by Andy, Kyle by Matt and Mike and Charl were put up at a hotel for the remainder of the evening. Andy took his 2 knights on a trip around the island and we soon understood why the guys from Jersey called him 'Action Man!'

Knights Won 5-0

Kyle Maree 3-1
11-3 4-11 11-9 11-3
Martin Watts
Michael Shean 3-1
7-11 11-8 11-7 11-5
Janick Radford
Stefano Garas 3-0
11-7 11-5 11-5
Andrew May
Charl Fourie 3-0
11-7 13-11 11-8
Greg Forino
Daniel Thomson 3-2
13-11 11-5 5-11 12-14 11-9
Matt Robilliard
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 16:30:PM on Friday 19 December 2014
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