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Knights v Winchester

The team enjoyed our last buffet breakfast at the Pomme d'or before making our way to the airport to fly back to Southampton. We didn't pay for our luggage on the way to Guernsey with the same company we were using for the return, but they charged us £40 per bag going back. Mike managed to talk them down to £30 but we still felt a bit hard done by.

From Southampton airport we drove back to the Richardson's home in Basingstoke to get the rest of our bags and washing as we would be using 2 cars to get around from then. Maggie had cooked us up a tasty shepherds pie for lunch which soon disappeared between the 5 of us.

We then headed to Winchester in both cars. After meeting everyone, Dan went on against Stefan Stanton and Mike played a young and fit Adam Comoran. Both matches were 5 setters with Mike winning his and Dan going down next door. Kyle put on a clinical performance against Gary Hinton to win 3-0. Charl lost 3-1 to Ben Thornton with the fixture coming down to Stef who played a tricky Jon Foster. It was tough to watch but Stef got the job done, winning in 4 and sealing the fixture. The Knights now had 3 wins on the trot.

We had some delicious food before going off to our hosts for the night. Gary hosted 3 of us despite having 2 children and an apparent lack of sleep as a result. Jon hosted the other 2 and we met up in the morning ready to head to Bury St Edmunds for our next match. Thanks especially to Gary for restringing 2 of our racquets in the morning and to his wife for helping us out with some washing!

Knights Won 3-2

Kyle Maree 3-0
11-5 11-7 11-8
Gary Hinton
Stefano Garas 3-1
11-1 7-11 11-7 11-9
Jon Foster
Michael Shean 3-2
11-6 14-12 6-11 5-11 11-7
Adam Corcoran
Charl Fourie 1-3
15-17 11-9 9-11 10-12
Ben Thornton
Daniel Thomson 2-3
7-11 11-5 10-12 11-4 9-11
Stefan Stanton
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 16:59:PM on Friday 19 December 2014
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