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Knights v Lexden

After our breakfast in Bury St Edmunds, we drove to the town of Colchester to play against Lexden Squash Club. We checked in at the courts and met Paul Allen, the younger brother of Mark Allen who played and coached in Cape Town and is now coaching in America. Paul is a former British junior champion and captain himself. We were to play at 7:30 pm so had some time to go into Colchester Town and have a look around.

We found a burger and pizza joint called Hudson’s, just like the one back home and decided to have burgers for lunch there. After that, we walked further down the main road and couldn’t help but notice the amount of women pushing prams around! The baby business must be booming in Colchester. We went in to a Starbucks where some of the guys had coffees and we had the use of their wifi, always a sought after feature when we’re on the road.

We left town to make our way to the home of Paul and Karen Selby, who would be having us that evening. Our GPS took us to the wrong place when we entered the post code and then Dan and Mike in the second car got split up from the other 3 in the darkness and without the team phone and no way to get hold of the other car. We eventually managed to regroup and get to Karen’s home where we were spoilt with bed and breakfast rooms in a beautiful converted barn. Darryll Selby’s son,  Noah, just short of 2 years old, was being baby-sat by Karen. The team couldn’t believe the size of the Newfoundland that looked like a bear when it strolled into the lounge and almost had us in a scared huddle.

After we sorted our things out, it was time for our match.

There was a tennis party function happening next door to the courts and we had quite a crowd watching our games.Lexden had fielded a side very evenly matched to ours as the resuts would show. Dan went down 3-1 in a good match with a young left hander at number 5. Mike, on next door, fought hard to a 3-2 victory over Steve Snelling at number 3. Charl went down 3-1 to his opponent at 4, with the team 2-1 down with 2 to play.Stef went on against Paul Allen, a top British junior in his day and looked formidable on court. Stef battled to 1-1 and then 2-1 up before Paul steered the game into the 5th with things looking very iffy. Stef played the perfect game after being down 3-0  in the 5th and took the match keeping us in the running! Last on was Kyle at 2. He played Andy Haynes who had played a good few of the Knights in the past. The match was tightly contested but Kyle kept his head and pulled through with a 3-2 victory. He had his team mates worrying when he went for a forehand crosscourt volley nick at 9-7 in the 5th off the serve, it rolled and he took the match. We somehow snuck the fixture 3-2 with all 3 five setters going our way.

We had a BIG meal of endless pizza, garlic bread, onion rings and beer afterwards and chatted to Paul and the guys. 12 o'clock came and it was Kyle Maree’s birthday so we sorted him out with a little birthday “shallange” where we had to make do with what was available behind the club's bar. He ended up having to eat 4 sweet puddings, down a pint of beer, take a shot of rum followed by a vodka energy drink down down. Kyle stood his ground and took it down, but may have had to visit the men’s room soon after.... As we discussed our options of where to spend the rest of the evening, Stef asked Andy, “Is it ok to drive drunk around here?” Only after Andy left were we informed that he is a policeman!!! We took a taxi, knowing that Andy might be waiting for vengeance with a breathalyser in hand…

Colchester town was rather empty so we opted for an earlier night at the comfortable home that was waiting for us…


Knights Won 3-2

Stefano Garas 3-2
8-11 11-9 11-6 6-11 11-6
Paul Allen
Kyle Maree 3-2
5-11 11-9 11-9 5-11 11-8
Andy Hynes
Michael Shean 3-2
12-10 9-11 7-11 11-4 11-7
Steve Snelling
Charl Fourie 1-3
11-3 7-11 6-11 6-11
Chris Wheat
Daniel Thomson 1-3
11-8 8-11 5-11 9-11
Alex Shuter
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 12:14:PM on Wednesday 24 December 2014
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