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Knights v Oxfordshire

Following a rough night with little sleep, the Knight's high-tailed it to John and Robyn Shean's wonderful home in Wokingham. Robyn must have had some secret elves working in her home because within minutes of our arrival she had cooked up a full english breakfast along with cereals and the best coffee we had tasted in England so far! After breakfast we all showered and Robs made sure we all had a comfortable place to catch up on some sleep before the evening's game in Thame. We were treated to one of our healthiest home cooked supper's of roast chicken and veg after John arrived and then headed to Thame with John leading the way.

Charl took to the courts first against Simon Martin at number four, who was dressed in an All Black jersey which must have spooked Charl as he went down in 3. Simon was lethal in the mid court area with fantastic racquet skills. Stef was on next at number 3 and won his match 3-0 against a youngster who was hoping to go full time in 2015. Dan went on at number 5 against Oz Mustafa and won in 3 games, with his older brother Jon bringing a bit of luck down to Thame for him! Michael outplayed a young left-hander in a tight 3 setter and Kyle fought out to win a 5 setter against Alex Preston. The Knights won 4-1.

ThameWe had a few beers and snacks in the bar afterwards and passed around the Knight's book, which has scores, results and most importantly comments of every Knight's fixture, with the current book starting in the year 2000. The previous book dates back to the 1st Knights tour in 1961/62. It's great for our opponents to look back and see their comments and scores from previous fixtures. We handed over our thank you card to Simon and then headed to our hosts for the evening, Alex's parents B&B.

We felt a late night McDonalds run was justified by our win and we came back to the B&B with enough food to put us to sleep.

Knights Won 4-1

Kyle Maree 3-2
11-2 6-11 11-7 4-11 11-8
Alex Preston
Michael Shean 3-0
11-9 11-9 11-7
Chris Backhouse
Stefano Garas 3-0
11-4 11-7 11-8
Nick Ratnarajah
Charl Fourie 0-3
8-11 9-11 7-11
Simon Martin
Daniel Thomson 3-0
11-7 11-3 11-2
Oz Mustafa
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 17:46:PM on Wednesday 24 December 2014
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