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Knights v Torquay

After a solid 4-1 win against Devon & Exeter we did the 40 minute drive down to Torquay on the coastline. We got to town early and had some time to stroll around, eventually settling for lunch at Lounge Cafe, just opposite the beachfront. The sun was out so we sat outside for a bit, as it was still barely 5 degrees! After a burger and smoothie it was time to head to the courts and get down to business..

All matches were to be played on the glass - back match court, and the heaters were doing overtime trying to warm up the place! The team we were facing was, in playing order, Matt Marshall, Dave Palmer, Ben Sutton, Steve Lewis and Jack Barnes. We had a good audience watching on as Dave introduced the Knights and then Charl and Steve were given some interesting introductions from Mike and Dave. The number 4's played well and Charl's touch was on top form. The match went down to 5 but our player saw us through to a 1 nil lead. Next up was Stef "the gazelle" Garas against "the real Dave Palmer." Stef played to perfection, hitting the right shot at the right time constantly and got a great 3-0 win which does not come easily from a player of Dave's calibre. Kyle went up 3-0 against a tricky Ben Sutton and we had the fixture in the bag. Dan played a solid Jack Barnes and went 2-1 up before living up to his introduction of Dan "loves a 5 setter" Thomson. He won in the 5th after a good grind. Mike was up against Matt Marshall, who he had lost to two years ago in a league match in Cape Town. It's always great to see two lefties go at each other, especially Mike and Matt with their great hands. After being down in the 1st, Mike pulled the scores even and won the game. In the second, Matt strained a hammie and severely limited his movement. With his shot playing ability, it was still important for Mike to focus and get the job done, which he did in 3 sets. The Knights got their 3rd 5-0 clean sweep victory!

Mike thanked the crowd as he came off and we hit the showers before a lovely supper in the club. We got to know some of the members in the bar and Dave started coming up with a few acrobatic Torquay squash club bar games to get things festive... In the first game, a challenger is given 2 empty beer bottles and is standing on the edge of the fireplace. Then, without letting his toes touch the ground off the fireplace, he must reach out with a bottle in each hand as far as possible without letting his hands touch the carpet. He must place one of the bottles as far as possible while balancing on the other bottle and once placed, must return to the starting position with the remaining bottle and no hands or feet touching the carpet. It's definitely a game suited for taller players with reach so Dan and a Torquay member ended up placing the bottles furthest. The other game is sure to cause some stiffness the next day. A player must balance his head on one bar stool and feet up on a other facing upwards. He must then pass a third stool around his body and underneath while balancing for as many passes as he can. Charl took out the Torquay record with 13.

We then headed from the courts to a nightclub in town, but everyone seemed to be saving themselves for new years eve on Wednesday and the town night life was quiet. After that some of the guys fared better than others at a local casino and Dave Palmers 10 times return on his original bet meant the drinks for the night weren't too expensive!

A big thanks to Torquay for a great evening of squash with a fantastic  vibe!

Knights Won 5-0

Michael Shean 3-0
11-8 11-7 11-8
Matt Marshall
Stefano Garas 3-0
11-5 11-8 11-4
Dave Palmer
Kyle Maree 3-0
11-4 11-9 11-2
Ben Sutton
Charl Fourie 3-2
11-13 11-4 11-6 6-11 11-7
Steve Lewis
Daniel Thomson 3-2
13-15 11-8 11-3 7-11 11-5
Jack Barnes
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 17:00:PM on Friday 9 January 2015
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