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Knights v Aberdeen

Our next stop on the tour took us to our most northerly city we would visit, Aberdeen. It's a 2 and a half hour drive north and we drove on snowy, frosted roads to this oil-rich Scottish town.  We booked into a Premier Inn and met up with Karen Schultz who had made the trip from London to support the Knights.

We got to the courts which were rather on the cold side and started the fixture at 5pm.

First on court was Daniel who played some of the best squash he has played on the tour to win 3-1. Charl went on and played some good squash for two games before Aberdeen captain, Mike Hegarty, put up a real stern test in the 3rd before Charl closed out 17-15 to win the match. Michael went on next and did just enough to win the match and close out the fixture for the SA Knights. His opponent never gave up. Stefano then went on against “Farmer” who played in a slinky vest. The two big guys slugged away but the previous night may have hindered Garas’ performance and he wasn’t his accurate self. “Farmer” won in 4 sets before the speedy Chris Shinnie took on Kyle Maree and put a great deal of pressure and used his great movement to apply pressure on Kyle and win in 3 straight games.

We had a delicious meal of pasta but struggled to get beers down after the previous night's events.

AberdeenWe knew we'd be going out either way with Karen making the trip so down they went! Some Scottish banter was being thrown around, and our referee for the night was chucking oranges at a junior to keep him in check apparently! We headed out to a club and had a massive night with our South African supporter, Karen. Mike and Dan got utterly lost on the way home and had to get a cab but it was a fantastic night in the end all round!

Knights Won 3-2

Kyle Maree 0-3
6-11 7-11 7-11
Chris Shinnie 
Stefano Garas 1-3
7-11 13-11 7-11 10-12
Jamie Jacobsen 
Michael Shean 3-2
11-5 9-11 11-5 8-11 11-4
Mike Black 
Daniel Thomson 3-1
11-4 11-4 7-11 11-9
Gav Sutherland 
Charl Fourie 3-0
11-4 11-4 17-15
Mike Hegarty 
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 11:25:AM on Friday 16 January 2015
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