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Knights v Edinburgh

Edinburgh1From Glasgow we were off to Edinburgh next, just over an hours drive. Coming into the city, we immediately noticed how beautiful it was. The older buildings were works of art and the newer parts of town were clean and chic. The club is very close to the centre of town and is nestled next to a fast flowing river, with tennis courts surrounded by trees and shrubbery. It had a historic feel and as we explored the club we came across an original fixed-wall doubles court, which is much longer and wider than a singles court and the only one I'd ever seen!

We walked to town as a team, in search of a good view of Edinburgh Castle up on the hill. A starbucks on the high street was exactly what we needed and we wasted no time in scrambling in and ordering coffee and hot chocolate all round. We set up our usual card game for a few rounds. Dan continued to forget the rules but somehow did not end up being the turd. Mike then took care of his duties while the rest of us ventured out to shop and Dan and Stef neatened up at the barbers. After a warm Subway we hurried back to the courts in the cold.

Edinburgh3We met Simon Boughton and our opponents, with one Saffa, Jacques Laas, playing against us at number 3 and another in the crowd who spurred us on with a South African flag hanging over the rails!

EdinburghWe played a truly international side that day with Simon being English, Ross Scottish, Jacques South African, Gareth Irish and Simon who had recently moved from Sydney, Australia! We got away with a 5-0 win on courts where lobbing was not an option because of the incredibly low roof and overhead heater. That South African flag must have brought something out in us!

Edinburgh2We then had a tasty lasagne with some drinks and Jacques, our host for the evening, said he'd accompany us out that night. We met him at a local bar but this was not 'IT' for us and we went onto the streets in search of a more festive club. After strolling around we found a place called 'WhyNot,' a suggestion from a Tinder match. The lady obviously knew what she was talking about because when we'd brushed everyone aside to get to the bar we found that drinks were costing £1 each! We whipped out fivers with smiles from ear to ear and had a fantastic night ending around 04h30 when we crashed at Jacques' house..

We had to get up relatively early (for us, that is...) because Jacques had to make it to team squash practice, after that night! Rather him than us we thought, and all made our way to the club. 3 of the guys went out in the car and came back with some miracle egg and bacon sandwiches and Costa coffees to bring us back to life. We watched two older gentleman having a game of tennis outside as we finally got to see a snowfall around them! Very brave of them!

To Simon, the team at Edinburgh Sports Club and our 2 South Africans, thank you for a special evening in your beautiful city that future Knights will be lucky to visit!

Knights Won 5-0

Kyle Maree 3-1
10-12 11-9 11-6 11-8
Simon Boughton
Michael Shean 3-2
12-10 9-11 8-11 11-7 11-7
Ross Michoul 
Stefano Garas 3-0
11-5 11-9 11-5
Jacques Laas 
Charl Fourie 3-0
11-0 11-7 11-9
Gareth Brown
Daniel Thomson 3-1
11-7 11-4 6-11 11-6
Simon Gocolin 
Posted by : Kyle Maree at 10:22:AM on Friday 16 January 2015
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